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The light at the end of the tunnel


So there I am sitting in my car, driving to work, and thinking about the day I have ahead. Couple of meetings, hopefully visit a school, and of course paperwork, then it hit me. That moment when you realize that there are a significant amount of people who know me now, that didn’t know me when I was overweight. I remember a trainer telling me that this would happen, and it just did!!

When I started to really get into loosing my weight and exercise, somewhere in my head I thought I would hit my target weight then back off and go on with my life. That was the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Well I can tell you I am pleasantly surprised that that is not the case. It’s true what they say, loosing weight is a lifestyle change!! Permanent weight loss is not a “10 day diet”, it’s not having a trainer yell at you and making you workout 8 hours a day, and it’s not buying special meals. What it is, is making the conscious decision that enough is enough and being patient enough to understand that it will happen over an extended period of time.

Now I can’t sit here and tell you that I am 100% there myself. I have some things from my extremely unhealthy life style that I still have to conquer, and every day I feel I am getting closer to that point where I’ll make that decision that enough is enough!

Making that decision, is quite possibly one of the best things you can do for yourself. It is bigger than anything Lebron James was worried about (sorry had to put that). Those that are struggling with your weight, I know what your thinking. “Sure Chris, easier said then done”. Yup you’re right, it is. You know what your choices are? You can choose to have the opportunity to improve yourself by changing your habits, or choose to be told you have to take these pills, or tell your kids you can’t do something with them? The decision is up to you!

It was quite frankly one of the hardest decisions I had to make. Oh yes, there were plenty of breakdowns prior to and after making that decision.There were countless times were the emotional weight was more overbearing then the physical weight. The constant low self-esteem and embarrassment. Always feeling that you’re not good enough because of the physical limitations of being overweight. It sucks!!! Then you make the choice to make the change. Things don’t get better right away, there are still breakdowns. The breakdowns in the shower after working out the first few weeks. Thinking to your self, “I can’t do this”. You second guess if making this choice was the right one. It’s an emotional roller coaster. Then you realize, oh crap, none of my clothes fit me FOR A GOOD REASON!! That’s what gets you through those breakdown moments. The fact that you KNOW you are doing the right thing. That you won’t have to take those pills anymore, that you CAN go on a hike with your kids and not have to stop. (The List)

It is a curious thing for me now, wondering what people think. I have a good idea of what my friends who knew me when I was big think of me (boy I hope I’m right). How about those that didn’t know me?

Over the last few days, I have had conversations with people, either live or online, that have kind of hit home for me. I would tell them or they would read about my weight loss, and tell me how inspiring it is. I’ve come to accept that, but I know I am flawed, so I wonder how much of an inspiration I truly am? I have talked about this before, but what I have not discussed, is what inspires me?

I came to the answer pretty quickly. The comments, conversations, and chats are what inspires me now. Part of that inspiration is this overwhelming feeling that I don’t want to disappoint any of those that I inspire, but that’s ok with me. That goes for family, friends, and acquaintances. This is a “side effect” of loosing weight that was never planned. So to those of you struggling with your weight, like me, I can assure you one thing that will happen when you make the decision. You will inspire others! That will have an amazing impact on your confidence and self-esteem! Then you will thirst for more and continue to push and continue to inspire!

Like I said in my last blog Oh the people you will meet…. , as I start to open up more and more, my experiences become better and better.

What I’m also finding out, is that as the pounds melted away, the light at the end of the tunnel was getting brighter. What’s even better than that was when I realized the light wasn’t the end of the tunnel, it was the light in me, lets say my Heartlight (to steal a phrase from Neil Diamond).



One thought on “The light at the end of the tunnel

  1. Angela B. says:

    You are definitely an inspiration to me and my family, Chef! Keep up the good work! Best to your wonderful family!!!! Now…to work on this FLAB!

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