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The List

Sydney, Hunter , and I on the Cub Scout hike to Hublin Tower

Sydney, Hunter , and I on the Cub Scout hike to Hublin Tower

So for those of you that may have seen the article on Spry, you read about the list I keep on my phone, “Stupid s%$t I can do now that I have lost the weight”. Well here are my top ten.

I share this because I would like to think that there is someone out there that is reading it, and struggling with these same issues. Whoever you are…….I’ve been there. I have had the embarrassment of have a chair break while you are sitting on it. How about this. That moment you go to an outdoor party and start to look around for a chair that you know won’t cave in, like those typical plastic ones. Yup I’ve done that.

Imagine how it would feel, when you lose the weight, and go to a party and sit in any damn chair you want!!! Well let me tell you…it feels really cool.

For those that have not had to struggle with their weight, some of these things may seem really insignificant to you. To me and others who struggle with their weight, they matter, and sometimes, they hurt. The embarrassment, shame, and pity that comes along with the collapsing chair is not fun at all. I’m not saying this because I’m looking for sympathy. I’m telling you because I think it would be difficult to understand this list considering some of these things are really “small” in the big picture.


10. Change your video game avatar. Yup…….I can honestly say I have never had as much fun playing any video game than I did when I got to do this. Actually remember my daughter telling me that it’s still too big. Just goes to prove, that somewhere in your head, you still see yourself as fat.

9. You can use the arm rest in the car, or on any seat, as an arm rest. Do the math. Fifty six-inch waist squeezed into an 18-24 inch wide seat. Guess where your arms are, on the outside of the rolls of fat that are enveloping the arms of the chair.

8. The first time you realize you just crossed your legs. Like I said, some of the stuff on this list is silly, but consider this. When you are so use to having to reach down and grab your foot to pull it up over your other leg to “cross” your legs, well let’s just say you notice this. I know some people say it’s not manly to cross your legs, but you know what… them I say try going your whole life with never being able to. Just sayin’

7. Being able to tie your apron strings around your waist without having to add butcher twine “extensions”. It’s a chef thing!

6. Fit in a seat at Fenway Park. Again what I said in number 9 but only in 12 to 15 inches of space. Guess what….you probably wouldn’t want to be the person that sat next to me.

5. Sitting in a middle school desk with room to spare. You know what desk I’m talking about. The one where the chair is attached. I can’t tell you how many times I would have a “crease” across my stomach from siting in that type of desk, never mind the amount of times I got stuck. Forget about booths at most restaurants….that was right out of the question.

4. Making it up the hill on the Cub Scout hike. I’ll never forget this one. The first time I went on this hike with my Den, I had to stop at least 5 times going up the hill, and that was the first 1/2 mile of the hike! Having the boys come up to me and ask me if I was ok. It’s………. (I’m typing this because quite frankly I’m over taken by my emotions right now and can’t put how I am feeling into words).

I can tell you that when we went on this hike two years later……..yup….ran up that hill with my boys!!!!!! THAT FELT FANTASTIC!!!!!!

3.Fitting in the carnival rides with your kids. OMG…..I have never had so much fun on roller coaster in my life!!! Best part is we took this video of it, and I’m the one who is screaming like a kid!!!! Crazy Mouse at he Big E!

2.The moment you realize you’re wearing a warm up suit over your work out clothes because your going to work out and not because they are baggy with elastic waist bands. Love this one because I remember the moment so vividly. I was driving to the gym one winter morning and it just hit me like a ton of bricks. I actually had to pull over and add this to the list. I remember just sitting there laughing. I think that’s the moment it finally hit me how much of a change I have made to myself. I think that was one of those moments where I took a step further away from thinking I was still the fat guy.

1.YOUR KIDS BRAG ABOUT YOU IN SCHOOL!! Until this happens to you, you won’t feel what it’s like to KNOW that your kids our proud of you. Regardless of the accomplishment, winning a race, losing the weight, being on TV, or just being silly…….to have your children talk about you in a tone and manner that proves they are proud of you……..WOW…talk about powerful stuff.

I'm helping Sydney finish strong, but she didn't need my help!!! She's awesome!!

I’m helping Sydney finish strong, but she didn’t need my help!!! She’s awesome!!

Hunter after his first race.....2 miles in 14 mins. He's outstanding!!!

Hunter after his first race…..2 miles in 14 mins. He’s outstanding!!!


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