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These Hips Don’t Lie

A rare site...the dancing Avtges

A rare site…the dancing Avtges

Ok relax…..this is not a video of me dancing, but if it were, trust me, you would be laughing your butt off.

So I was at the YMCA one Sunday morning for a spin class and I was walking towards the spin room. I took a peek in the Group Exercise room.To my surprise what did I see, but a middle-aged man just like me taking a Zumba class. Once I was over the initial shock of seeing him TRY to Zumba, I said to myself “hmmmm, maybe I should give that a try”. Then like a sign from above, another friend of mine, suggested I try Zumba. I laughed at first, but then the “I dare you” comment was made.

Yup you guessed it. I was in the class about two days later. Let’s just say this. If there was a video of me Zumbaing, I would be receiving a winners check from America’s Funniest Home Videos. It was an experience to say the least.  I pretty much made a complete ass of myself. What did happen, to my amazement, was I learned a few things.  First and foremost, just because you lose weight, you DO NOT gain rhythm. Second, I will NEVER criticize “non traditional” workouts ever again because it was one hell of a workout. Finally, and this is the best lesson I could have ever learned, it was fun to do something outside of my normal workout routine. 

I’m telling you this because  I will guarantee, at some point in your own personal journey, you will get to a point where you will get board of the regular work out routine you are in. This is the point where people will start to “slack off”. You will most likely either stop working out, or you won’t push yourself as much.

In my own opinion, It’s the second one that will be a bigger set back. Why do I say this, because it happened to me. You keep going to the gym and sweating, but the results are not happening like they use to. You start to question if this is a good use of your time. You start to wonder why the hell am I doing this. You start to regress and crawl back to the safe zone you had for yourself when you weren’t working out.

There are countless ways you can start to mix things up. If you’re not feeling too adventuresome, you can do something as simple as ask a trainer to adjust your current work out. Generally speaking, you should do this every 8 to 12 weeks anyways. If your feeling more adventuresome, you can take some different classes. Things I have done to mix it up, take a boot camp type of class, take a spin class, try Zumba, or even some cardio kick boxing. You can also start to set different goals for your self. You can sign up for a 5k and start training for that, try a Muck Race (these are a BLAST) or a Fitness Challenge. Register for one of these, and you will instantly change your mindset and your routine. Why? Well for me, it became a point of pride and a chance to do something that is over the top that’s not hiding who you are, but showing who you can be. (check out my previous post “Hard on the outside….”)

I have really become fond of the Boot Camp style of classes. Chances are you can find one near you with a little help from Google. If you’re not familiar with these workouts, they are pretty intense, and will give you a whole body workout. Some will focus on certain areas, but I assure you, you will use every part of your body.  For more information, check out Fitness Revolution. I’ve participated in a few of the classes there, and I will be returning to make it a regular part of my “new” routine.

You can also take this “mix it up” mindset to your food. One trap that I have worked hard to avoid is the “diet monotony”. You know what I’m talking about. Eating the same yogurt for breakfast, and the same salad for lunch. Take the time to think about you meals. I’m not saying you have to write out a menu for the week (but that is a good idea) but next time you go to the grocery store, (or farmers market) buy something you normally wouldn’t get. If you would normally get ground beef for your chili, get some ground turkey or beefalo (mixture of ground beef and buffalo), find a vegetable you have never had before and try that, or find a better snack item to try.

Bottom line, if you want to succeed in making your own transformation, don’t let yourself get stuck in the same old routine. Remember, that’s what got you to your unhealthy self before.

Remember, not only do your “hips don’t lie” when your dancing, but they also don’t lie when you’re losing weight.


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